Arjun Mk.2 MBT

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

India's Arjun Mk.2 MBT To Enter Final Trial Leg

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On display at Defexpo this year, the Arjun Mk.2 main battle tank sits on a razor's edge: from Delhi it will be transported back to Rajasthan, where it will undergo two more critical trial phases supervised by the Indian Army. Like the Mk.1, the new tank is a monster. Got a chance to clamber onto it today for some shots. A DRDO officer at the tank display said the final two phasespertained to mobility in water (medium fording), mobility across obstacles, missile firing and fresh regular ammunition firing routines. These rounds will be undertaken with the onset of summer from next month and will continue till the middle of the year. User trials began in May 2012. The Indian Army has indented for 124 of the Mk.2 for two tank regiments, though the DRDO is trying to get the Army to more than double that order. Things remain toughthough.


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